Why Tradishen

why tradishen?

Everyone has to eat. We all know that. But why does anyone need to meal plan? Isn’t it good enough to just…wing it?

Usually not. Every now and then (at least if you’re like us), you’re motivated to create a delicious, from-scratch meal at the spur of the moment. Everyone loves it, and the night is perfect.

But often times – most nights – there’s homework, sports practice, a parent who worked late, an inconsolable teething baby…. “Life” gets in the way. Dinner has to happen, but it has to get on the table quickly. On the worst nights, even committed-to-healthy parents say, “I just can’t tonight. Let’s go through the drive though.”

We totally get it. Sometimes you need the easiest way to feed your family. But last-minute plans – be they the drive through, a “better” restaurant, or even a quick trip to the store for something easy – will cost you more time and money in the long run. And they’re not as healthy.

It’s our job to give you a plan, in advance, so that you don’t need to resort to these options!

Tradishen focuses on deeply nourishing, traditionally prepared food. It’s different from other menu planning services, because we plan the way you actually eat. Our dinner menus use similar ingredients throughout the week, make use of seasonal and sale produce, and we even offer simple breakfast, lunch, and snack suggestions (because if your family is like ours, someone is always eating!).

We focus on minimal preparation, and simple ingredients. We know gourmet meals are fun sometimes, but mostly, you just want something nourishing that your family will actually eat.

Be sure to look at our sample menus, so you can see what we mean – plus, we offer a two-week free trial, so you can get a real feel for how we do things, with no risk at all. We can’t wait for your family to join our family on our journey to healthier eating!

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