About Us

We know how challenging “What’s for dinner” is — because we’re living it, too.

We’re Kate and Ben, and we’re the husband-wife team behind Tradishen.

Back in 2011, we were sharing good, real food recipes through our blog, Modern Alternative Mama.  Kate had published a couple of cookbooks, but Ben felt like we could do more for people.  He envisioned a site where we could make all of the recipes easily available, and plan peoples’ menus for them.

The basic idea for Tradishen was born.

Since then, we’ve been working to perfect it.  And who are we, exactly?  Well, Ben is passionate about computers, board games, and technology.  He especially loves Elon Musk, and near-religiously follows what goes on in Tesla Motors and SpaceX.  He also loves teasing people…but we’re not supposed to talk about that. 😉

Kate is passionate about health and wellness, and loves reading new research and ranting about it to anyone who will listen.  She also loves to make things — whether it’s food, or cloth items, or home remedies.  She is the author of Natural Remedies for Kids, published by Fair Winds Press, as well as several self-published books.  She runs a local homeschooling coop, during all her “free” time.

Together, they are work-from-home, homeschooling parents to five children, who range from almost 9 years old, down to about 17 months old.  Raising their children plus running their businesses keeps them busy!  But never too busy to laugh. 🙂


Recipe Development

Kate holds a BS in music education from Otterbein College. She began Modern Alternative Mama in the fall of 2009, when she was newly discovering a “natural” lifestyle. It has always been her dream to write and publish cookbooks (ever since she was only 10) and that became a reality with the release of Real Food Basics in October 2010. That dream has grown to 8 total cookbooks and now, into Tradishen. Kate loves recipe creation and solo time in the kitchen, as well as music, playing in the sun with her kids, and serving any form of tea with pretty tea cups. She organizes a local homeschool group and loves learning with her kids.


IT Operations

Ben holds a BS in Computer Engineering Technology from DeVry University. He has worked in IT for 11 years, including sales, master data management, governance, and he currently manages a large Database Administration team for a Fortune 25 company. He is the ‘techie’ behind Tradishen, helping to design, program, and make sure that all the features work properly. In his free time, he loves to play board and card games, and is into anything science fiction, especially Isaac Asimov books and Star Wars. He’s eagerly awaiting the day that all his kids share his passions — the boys are already into Legos, Star Wars and are starting to talk robotics!

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