how tradishen works

1. you sign up & select your preferred menu

We offer Classic Clean (100% real food, no restrictions), Paleo (no dairy, no grains, no legumes), or Vegetarian (no meat; limited dairy). You’ll get instant access to this week’s menu on site – or all of the menus, depending on which plan you choose. Plus, every Friday, the following week’s menu will show up in your inbox.

We’re committed to deeply nourishing real food, and we incorporate some traditional cooking principles. You won’t find any processed ingredients on our menus! We care about your family’s health as much as you do.

2. customize your menus

We hope you love our menus…but sometimes, picky toddlers throw a wrench in the works. No big deal! Easily swap any recipe on the plans for one of the hundreds in our database with just a few clicks. Add your own family favorites, too, and keep them in the rotation.

Our plans also allow you to change serving sizes, add or edit your grocery list, and it’s all printer-friendly once it’s exactly the way you like.

3. shop & cook

The plan’s done for you; all you have to do is run to the grocery store (using the list we prepared) and purchase the food. Then, make the meals!

Our recipes are easy to make as often as possible, including using slow cookers in season, and using simple, fresh seasonal produce in the warmer months. You’ll minimize your time spent planning, preparing, and thinking about food – so that you can nourish your family in other ways, with plenty of love and a less-stressed parent.

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